Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable development. We endeavor to minimise the environmental impact of our business and activities and to influence those we work with to bring about positive environmental benefit at a local and a nation level.

As an organisation Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd will:

  • Endeavour to prevent pollution, reduce waste, encourage recycling, reduce energy consumption, reduce noise pollution and reduce the use of non-renewables through out business process
  • Monitor and examine our environmental performance and implement continuous improvement
  • Meet the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation
  • Develop annually an Environmental Action Plan as a tool to implement our policy objectives

Within the organisation Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd will:

  • Provide training and encouragement to our employees
  • Develop environmentally responsible behaviour and awareness
  • Properly maintain plant and equipment
  • Provide suitable plant and equipment for the task in hand
  • Employ appropriate and Safe Systems of Working
  • Adopt suitable arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation of articles, materials and substances
  • Provide adequate information, training, instruction and supervision
  • Ensure effective monitoring of Environmental Standards

All of our staff are responsible for the implementation of this policy both by the way that they carry out their day-to-day activities and by the way that they reach technical and practical solutions.

1)         Responsibilities

All senior personnel have a duty to define the specific responsibilities and areas of authority, in particular in relation to environmental health and safety issues. All senior personnel will ensure that channels are always available which allows problems or service quality/adverse environmental effects to be recorded and analysed, so that solutions can be found and implemented.

2)         Materials, Services and Equipment

In order to ensure that all materials and services used by Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd conform to the specified requirements and are not only of sufficiently good quality and reliability, but also comply with the objectives of the environmental policy, all materials purchased by Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd are certified by compliance with all applicable British/European Standards and more importantly with C.O.S.H.H Regulations.

Materials which are purchased by Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd satisfy a number of environmental conditions, such as:

  • Materials supplied must not contain chlorofluorocarbons
  • Timber shall not be supplied from any country that does not have a positive reforestation policy
  • All chemicals purchased will not be accepted until a supplier has provided all the necessary details in relating to: product name, composition, classification, potential hazards, toxicity data and handling and storage instructions
  • Any hazardous materials purchased must be supplied with all recommended safety measures, spillage and disposal procedures and all details in relation to any special fire and explosion hazards

3)         Handling, storage, packaging preservation and delivery

All materials, services and equipment are handled as recommended within the manufacturers handling instructions in order to prevent abuse, misuse, damage, deterioration, and loss of identification or contamination.

All hazardous materials are stored in pre-defined quarantine areas, with access restricted to authorized personnel.

4)         Inspection and testing

All of Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd services are regularly inspected from initial receipt of materials from a supplier through until a repair request has been complete. Materials will be inspected for quality and health and safety requirements, in accordance with the procedures, any quality failures will be rejected and returned to the suppliers.

5)         Product Identification and Traceability

All materials, particularly of a hazardous nature, will retain their identification and material-handling instructions, at all times, and will be stored in appropriately designed, designated areas in order to prevent inadvertent use. All chemicals and hazardous substances retain their readily identifiable hazard symbols and are provided with the relevant safety data sheets.

6)         Waste Disposal

As part of Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd services, all rubbish/debris associated with the task is removed from the Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd’s premises and transported to a designated waste station.

Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd has a facility for the disposal of all waste in particular, any waste which is likely to have a detrimental affect upon the environment. A waste disposal system is in operation for the safe disposal of ‘special’ waste, such as:

  • Tyres
  • Toxic waste items
  • Syringes and sharps
  • Dangerous medical equipment
  • Waste oil

All the items are disposed if within environmental regulations.

Skips will be provided for different types of debris/rubbish, which will include the provision of individual skips for:

  • Builders’ rubble/hardcore
  • Glass/ceramics
  • Waste paper
  • Scarp metals
  • Timber off-cuts

Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd also have a facility to crush/dispose of spent florescent tube, in order to ensure that chlorofluorocarbons are not released into the atmosphere.

The Control of Asbestos of Work Act, the Approved Code of Practice “Work with Asbestos Installation”, “Asbestos Coating and Asbestos Insulating Bond”, lay down specific guidance on such matters. These are absolute and therefore are not open to debate or interpretation. All relevant personnel within Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd, have been made aware of the dangers of asbestos and are considered to be competent.

7)         Recycling Policy

Although Genlec Electrical Contractors Ltd will only supply materials as new, the company has stated aim to recycle materials whenever practicable. Those materials which are offered for sale for recycling include:

  • Glass
  • PVCu off-cuts etc
  • Cardboard provided as packaging
  • Waste paper

8)         Energy Conservation

All members of staff are encouraged to be conscious of any energy conservation initiative, no matter how simple, such as turn out lights and heating when leaving unoccupied offices. All radiators installed throughout the complex are fitted the thermostatic radiator valves.

9)         Minimising Pollution

The company is aware of the effects of pollution on the environment and in accordance with the health and safety requirements of the Construction, Design and Management Regulations, all of the organisation’s plant and equipment is assessed in relation to vibration, noise and dust emissions.

There is an awareness of the need, also, to create a healthy working environment for all employees.

10)       Training

The company’s procedures provide for the identification and provision of the training needs of staff performing activities identified as having an actual or potential environmental impact. Training within the context of the Environmental Management System falls into three categories.

– Skills/Knowledge gained by experience

Acquired by “on the job” training (through courses and briefings) and over a period of time under direct supervision or experience.

– Certified Environmental Training

Environmental skills that require mandatory training and examination.

– Additional Training

Given in the form of bulletins, notices etc. where such training/awareness raising will reduce the actual or potential environmental impacts of work performed by company personnel. Training information will be retained for all staff employed within the company. Records will be updated and reviewed on a yearly basis.