Staying ahead of demand – embracing innovation

8th January 2020

Pressure on subcontractors and main contractors to deliver projects using an ever-faster, smarter and more cost-effective approach continues to mount. Businesses such as Genlec must embrace technology and innovation if they are able to meet changing needs and growing pressures both from the main contractor and the end user. Genlec’s Steve Crosthwaite discusses the issues:

“The mechanical and electrical contracting industry, whilst a traditional trade in many senses, is also one of the most forward thinking and innovative in terms of processes, practices, products and materials.

“Particularly when managing large, challenging and often complex projects such as those that Genlec are involved in, firms must remain up to date if they are to stay ahead of market demand and meet customers’ expectations.

“At Genlec, we remain open to new ideas, whilst still retaining an over-arching focus on safety first. We enjoy close working relationships with our suppliers and sub-contractors and are keen to share best practise. Our product suppliers are constantly exploring new ways to enhance and improve their ranges with simple quick fitting accessories that will ultimately help save time on site and improve efficiency.

“We’re keen to trial new innovations that enter the market place and gather feedback from our installers on site as well as project managers and at director level. For us it’s important we assume total buy in from the wider team who are united and comfortable with any new specification.

“We are also working with precast suppliers ensuring we can deliver under a modular specification. In this instance our units would be preassembled in house, delivered to the precast suppliers, fitted in situ and delivered to site where our team would make the first fix. Undoubtedly modular building is gathering momentum within the UK construction industry and we are in a strong position to deliver using this approach.

“Similarly, we were one of the early adopters of BIM in the M&E industry and have seen the many benefits this approach can realise, particularly when working on large scale, fast paced projects amongst a large supply chain. “ Steve added: “We are undoubtedly recognised within our industry as a modern forward-facing business who is ready to adapt with change, constantly moving and refusing to stand still. With the many pressures that face our industry we believe this is the only way for us and have embraced this approach both now and for the future.”

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