Meet the team – John Lawrence

14th February 2020

John Lawrence is the M&E Procurement Manager for Genlec. John has worked with the company for over 14 years! Here he describes his role at the company and the work involved:

“I oversee the procurement for both the mechanical and electrical divisions. I hold regular meetings with our supplychain to build relationships and maintain best buying power.   I liaise regularly with the site teams to ensure that we are delivering in line with client expectations, whilst also liaising regularly with our clients. I work closely with all teams within Genlec, particularly the design team, commercial management and our senior project managers, to ensure the projects run as smoothly as possible.

“I’ve worked with Genlec for over 14 years. The dynamics of the company have changed significantly during my time here. We began with just a handful of employees carrying out electrical contracting work and turning over £1-2 million per year and growing to the size we are today.   In 2010 we moved from Electrical only to combined Mechanical and Electrical services delivery, in order to grow the business and evolve with our growing client base.  All M&E services purchasing now falls under my teams’ remit.

“I would say the most challenging aspects of my job are when a project is nearing completion. The pressure is on at this critical stage to ensure that tight deadlines are met. Everyone is hands on deck to ensure that the project is completed and handed over to the client on time. I’ve also implemented an intelligent electronic procurement systemin recent years , which has involved setting up over 10,000 product codes in order that we can track order history to ensure that we are buying efficiently at the best rates and to effectively manage job costing and forecasts. 

“The best part of working at Genlec is definitely the people. Genlec is an amazing company to work for with great people. We have an MD who continues to strive to be the best in our industry and supports all the staff when needed. We have a great management team in place who I know I can rely on at all times, and I personally have built fantastic relationships and friendships with many colleagues and suppliers throughout my time at Genlec.

“I can only see my role expanding as  we continue to grow and my personal knowledge and development is challenged further.”

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